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Gil-Bye Bye

Despite proof to the contrary, Greg Robinson was saying as recently as a few days ago that Brandon Gilbeaux may have the opportunity to rejoin the Orange in the winter. What Robinson forgot to mention was the caveat..."if he wants to."

he didn't. And given the circumstances, I think we can understand.

Gilbeaux is a Delaware Fightin' Blue Hen now where he'll have to cram to learn the playbook, get to know his new teammates and fight for playing time with the more-established players. The assumed starter on the Syracuse D-line shouldn't have a problem making a name for himself there.

Delaware pretty much cornered the market on transfers from big name schools. Along with Gilbeaux, the Hens also welcomed Notre Dame running back Junior Jabbie and ND defensive back Leo Ferrine, defensive lineman Danny Russell from Connecticut, punter Ed Wagner from Michigan State and tight end Trevor Mooney from Washington State. Nice haul, Hens.

We wish thee well, Brandon. Who knows, our paths may cross again. You never know which 1-AA team we'll schedule next season for may very well be The 'Ware.