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Gas, Grass Or Ass, Nobody Gets On The Express For Free

Yesterday it came as curious and puzzling news that the Kansas Jayhawk football team was able to watch The Express, something the Syracuse football team hasn't even been allowed to do. Then, new breaks today that the Virginia Tech football team are going to watch The Express tonight and that the screening is "open to the university community" for free!

What. The. Fuck?

In the back of my mind I thought that there might be an extremely unfair and crass explanation for all of this. With the "world premiere" coming up in Syracuse, Universal Pictures might not want to let anyone in the community see the film before then, even the football players who will be wearing the same uniform as Ernie Davis, representing the same school as Ernie Davis and would benefit the most from seeing the film before it's release, which will happen after the Orange have already played two important games.

Sadly, I was right. Go ahead, Donnie...
A Syracuse athletics official said the studio would not provide a screening for the Orange until its world premier in Syracuse on Sept. 12. Also, all of the $44 tickets to the premier have been sold.
What a collection of assholes. So every college football team in the nation gets to see this movie, about a Syracuse football player who plays football at Syracuse University in Syracuse, NY, except the Syracuse football team? How dumb do you have to be to make that decision?

Furthermore, how big a bunch of pussies must Syracuse University officials be to allow the movie studio to stop its football team from seeing an inspirational film about ONE OF THEIR OWN!?!? How is this not a requirement? Why wouldn't you want it to be?

Hey, we're just talking about a movie here, not the end of the world. But you know what, Syracuse's football players need all the motivation they can get right now. Every pundit and expert in the country is picking them to finish dead last in the Big East. Even their own fans (myself included) are saying the same thing. They're the laughingstock of college football. So you know what might be nice for them before they step onto the field for the first time? Getting to watch a movie about how great their program once was and can be again. Getting to escape reality for two hours to see a legend wearing their uniform do amazing things against some of the best schools in the country.

By the way, what's our motto for Syracuse football this season? Get On The Express? Apparently that doesn't apply to our actual football team.