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Five Amazing Things About One SU Practice Report

Here's the video. Watch it and then let's discuss...

#1. Are they actually playing 2 Legit 2 Quit at practice? Why yes, yes they are.

#2. "M.C. Hammer's music set the tone for the second day of preseason camp..."

#3. Curtis Brinkley's desire to rush for 1,200 yards. It's bold, and I appreciate it, but he's aware of
what SU did as a team last year, right?

#4. This...

#5. Greg's horrible joke about Jared Kimmel's hair. Jesus, can we get some better writers for Greg? Surely we can siphon someone off of Conan O'Brien's staff.

WTVH, I'm only gonna say this once...EMBEDDING CODES. Learn'm, live'm, love'm!