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Fill In The Blanks

Donnie Webb has posted a fun challenge for Syracuse fans. Since there's a lot of "blanks" left to fill in for the upcoming season and we won't know what they'll be until they happen, he's provided the opportunity to actually fill in literal blanks in the meantime. I took a stab at it, Mad Libs-style:

Dear Bill Orange,

Another Syracuse football season is here and I'm feeling SQUISHY. The last three years have been POOP. But it's a new season and my faith in EMBATTLED©

head coach Greg Robinson is FARTY. Still, I'm looking forward to seeing starting tailback PONCE DE LEON and what DRUNK offensive coordinator Mitch Browning has done to that CREAMY offensive line. Of all the teams on the schedule, I really really really want the Orange to beat those DOODIES from JOE PATERNO'S ZOMBIE FEEDING GROUNDS NESTLED DEEP IN THE BACKWOODS OF PENNSYLVANIA. One way or the other, the season will be LIKE A KISS FROM A ROSE ON THE GREY. I'm picking Syracuse to finish AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.



Give it a whirl yourself.

(Yeah, I thought it was "kiss from a rose on the grave too.
Apparently not.)