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FanFest Brings Out The Fans, Give Or Take 700

Inflatable "jumpies" for kids were everywhere at Manley Field House this evening and that can mean only one thing...FanFest! It was a night to remember for those who were on hand. And it sounds like there were plenty of them according to
More than 1,000 fans gathered at the Schwartzwalder and Katz football practice fields to watch the 2008 Syracuse Orange practice tonight.
Quite an impressive number all things considered. It's just nice to see so many from the community come together and supp...what's that? Donnie Webb was there too? So?
On absolutely the most beautiful night of the summer, the Orange practiced outdoors in front of about 300 fans at the Manley Field House complex Monday night as part of FanFest.
Ah, that's more like it.

As for what Donnie saw during the full-pads practice, a curious note about what may or may not be the pecking order for starting halfback:
Don't know if this means anything or not, but when the offense and defense were sent to the field for short-yard scrimmage, the first tailback out with the first-team offense was Doug Hogue. On the next play, the second-team offense came out with tailback Delone Carter. The first-team offense returned, but this time, it was Curtis Brinkley. That seems to have been the general order through camp.
Curious indeed, and it would quite a departure from the general thought on who would end up starting for the Orange. I would think most people expect Brinkley or Carter to emerge as the starter, or so it seems.

Now courtesy of SUAthletics, let's take a pictorial look at the event:

"Hey everyone...we play football too...Hello???"

In some New York counties this is actually considered a form of child abuse.

Arthur Jones is in this photo? Where???

Her eyes are up here, Delone.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is the Gregus Robosinus, a member of the homo sapien species. It's an extremely rare species and it's known for impressive jawbone structure, the need for frequent catnaps and it's ability to mimic any generic coachspeak diatribe at a moment's notice. If you look closely you can see the orange and blue markings that identify it. In the past, Robosinus has lulled it's prey into a false sense of security that everything was going to be alright but we've since learned that Robosinus will say anything to avoid discussing the past...or the future...and usually also the present. Please stay at least twenty feet away, has been known to flash.