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ExpressPreviewGate Commences

And so it begins.

Yesterday I got a little hot under the collar about the fact that schools all around the country were beginning to get free previews of the Syracusiest film in history, The Express, way before the SU football team. Then word got out that SU's players, those who would benefit more than anyone else from seeing the movie before the season began, would not only not be allowed to see the movie before then but wouldn't even be able to see it until the Syracuse premiere September 12, two games into the season. By then, it seems, every college football team in the nation will have been afforded the opportunity to see the film except the Orange.

Then I called SU officials "pussies."

A little extreme, yes. Sorry, I was extremely f'in bothered. I may shit on the team's expectations and pick apart Greg Robinson like he's a Thanksgiving turkey but when push comes to shove, I'm all about giving our guys every opportunity to succeed. Watching a movie isn't going to turn a 2-10 football team into a 12-0 juggernaut, but the power of a great motivational tool is hard to ignore. So when it sounds like the team is purposefully being deprived of that opportunity, and it sounds like the people expected to be looking out for their best interests are doing nothing about it, that sucks balls.

Brent Axe's radio show yesterday, DOCTOR Gross came on and denied the previously-made claim that Universal would not allow the football team to see the film before the premiere. Now whether or not that was actually true from the beginning or is now a quickly-made move to cut off the bad press before it gets worse...who knows. But if that's the case it's good news. I just hope it happens much sooner than later. I don't want to read about North Texas getting a free screening on their quad for Ernie Davis Mean Green Night before SU players get the chance to see it.

Let's see how this plays out, but for now, it's still shitty that other schools got to see the film first. If for no other reason, think of the PR hit of getting Cuse player reactions after watching the movie? Why wouldn't you want that ASAP?

Update: Donnie Webb reports that, according to SU officials, "
The plan is to show the film to the Syracuse football team possibly at Carousel Center on the same day but prior to the Landmark event."

Not good enough, guys. Try harder.

Then there's this:
"We want as many people as possible to see the film and see Ernie's inspirational story," said university spokesman Kevin Quinn. "Our team will be seeing the film very soon at a time that fits into their schedule. The fact is Syracuse, New York, is hosting the national Hollywood-level premiere, which will bring a massive concentration of national attention and excitement and spotlight (to) our current football team, former SU sports greats, the University and the entire community."
Kevin, we're not arguing over when the SU community will see the film or the PR you'll get from it. We'll all wait until it comes out, that's fine. But the football team should see the film before it comes out. And before their first game. Especially if other schools are being afforded the opportunity.