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Doug Hogue And His Blue Ox Are Coming For You

Nice catch over on the Scout board by AgentOrange. You might be surprised to know this, but it's really no contest for the starting running back spot for the Orange this season. It's Doug Hogue and then everyone else. Don't get me wrong, Delone Carter and Curtis Brinkley are fine physical specimens, but, and it may surprise you to know this, Doug Hogue is ginormous:

Syracuse lists Hogue at 6'2'' and 215 which may be off slightly, give or take 2 feet and 200 pounds. Rumor has it that once a week, Doug visits Lake Onondaga and eats a live goose in one bite just for fun.

Now that I've seen the man for what he truly is, it makes me wonder...maybe this isn't a photoshop at all...