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  • This Notre Dame preview assumes the Orange will be 2-8 by the time they play the Irish...IrishEyes
  • Art Monk enters the Hall of Fame tonight...SUAthletics
  • Will this really be Greg Robinson's final year at SU? Do we really need to ask?...The Axeman
  • Jimmy B reports on China's fans, how the US Team is doing and the quality of the local Morton's Steakhouse (get some culture, James!)
  • SU might not have many recent NFL draftees but we own the AFL...SUAthletics
  • Mike Tranghese reflects on his final Big East Football Media Day...Donnie Webb
Based on a photo of Donte Greene and Michael Beasley, it's easy to assume they are homosexual...and enjoy Chris Rock rap songs?

Hey guys, Noel Devine. Get scurred.

Finally, it's with great displeasure that I have to show you Douchebag Beach, live from my childhood stomping ground...the Jersey Shore. It's a long one but I HIGHLY suggest you stick it out. Go Jersey.