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Discretion Not One Of Matt Simms' Strong Points

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Louisville must be dying for the season to start for no other reason than to officially end this off-season which been the suspensionyist off-season ever. Finally, the discussion can get off of their turbulent, disappointing off-the-field issues and be all about their turbulent, disappointing on-the-field ones.

But someone forget to tell redshirt freshman QB Matt Simms, the latest of Phil's brood to climb the football ladder.
Louisville quarterback Matt Simms has been suspended for the team's first four games of the season by coach Steve Kragthorpe for a violation of team rules.
A "violation of team rules?" That's kind broad, isn't it? Surely we can narrow things down with the help of a visual aid:

Four games for being in the vicinity of Grey Goose? That seems a little harsh, no? Wait...what's that in Matt's hand?...


Syracuse football players, stop everything you are doing and cancel your Facebook accounts RIGHT. NOW. Seriously.