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Didn't Really Need Forbes To Tell Me That

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Greg Robinson is the #2 Most Overpaid Coach in college football. So says Forbes, who unveiled a whole bunch of finance-related breakdowns of the college pigskin world today.

Robinson scored a 75, whatever that means. You can read the story which breaks down the Best and Worst coaches for the money here. This has been said before and certainly isn't news to SU fans. We're actually just kinda surprised he's not #1.

So who could possibly be more overpaid than Robinson? That's Iowa's Kirk Ferentz who made $3.4 million last year and $10 million over the last three seasons. The Hawkeyes are 19-18 over that timeframe.

Jim Tressel tops the "underpaid" list, followed by Oregon State's Mike Riley and Wake Forest's Jim Grobe.

Nick Saban shows up as The Most Powerful Coach in Sports, which is saying a lot of a guy who lost to Louisiana-Monroe (which doesn't exist!). Oh, the fun EDSBS is going to have with this...