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Choose Your Own Depth Chart

If you decide to start Curtis Brinkley, turn to page 4.
If you decide to start Doug Hogue, turn to page 11.

If you decide to start Delone Carter, turn to page 27.

If you decide to just say fuck it cause it doesn't matter, close book and begin beating self in the face with it until you pass out.

That's right, Syracuse football is officially the
Choose Your Own Adventure book of College Football. The depth charts were released on Sunday and while some positions have very clear demarcations between the first-string and second-string, other positions are, well, no closer to being decided than they were five weeks ago.

Here's the chart, but don't just skim it and make assumptions. Oh no... Make sure you notice any instance of "or" which will thereby nullify the entire proceedings. (HT: Donnie Webb)


WR - Lavar Lobdell (6-3, 210, Jr.) or Bruce Williams (6-0, 200, Sr.), Chaz Cervino (5-10, 183, RF)
LT - Tucker Baumbach (6-5, 307, So.), Jonathan Meldrum (6-5, 303, So.)
LG - Ryan Bartholomew (6-3, 290, So.), Adam Rosner (6-6, 303, So.)
C - Jim McKenzie (6-4, 286, So.), Dalton Phillips (6-3, 278, Sr.)
RG - Ryan Durand (6-5, 303, Sr.), Nick Lepak (6-4, 318, Fr) OR Ollie Haney (6-3, 288, RF)
RT - Corey Chavers (6-5, 296, Sr.), Jonathan Meldrum (6-5, 303, So.)
TE - Mike Owen (6-4, 251, Jr.), Nick Provo (6-4 1/2, 232, RF)
QB - Andrew Robinson (6-3, 222, Jr.), Cameron Dantley (6-1, 218, Sr.)
TB - Curtis Brinkley (5-9, 203, Sr.) OR Delone Carter (5-10, 214, So.) OR Doug Hogue (6-2, 216, So.)
FB - Tony Fiammetta (6-1, 246, Sr.), Ben Maljovec (6-3, 241, Sr.)
WR - Donte Davis (6-0, 173, So.) or Bruce Williams (6-0, 200, Sr.), Marcus Sales (6-0, 184, Fr.), Van Chew (6-1, 165, Fr.)


DE - Jared Kimmel (6-6, 259, So.), Anthony Perkins (6-4, 272, So.), Zary Stewart (6-4, 229, RF)
NT - Arthur Jones (6-4, 291, Jr.), Bud Tribbey (6-1, 282, So.)
DT - Nick Santiago (6-3, 284, Sr.), Andrew Lewis (6-3, 282, So.), Lamar Middleton (6-3, 254, RF)
DE - Vincenzo Giruzzi (6-3, 241, GradStudent), Mikhail Marinovich (6-4, 232, Fr), Romale Tucker (6-4, 231, Fr.)
SLB - Derrell Smith (6-1, 224, So.), Parker Cantey (6-3, 218, So.)
MLB - Jake Flaherty (6-1, 228, Sr.), Mike Stenclik (6-0, 229, Jr.)
WLB - Mike Mele (6-0, 218, So.), Chad Battles (6-3, 224, RF), Ryan Gillum (5-11, 220, RF)
LC - Mike Holmes (5-11, 185, So.), Ryan Howard (5-8, 185, Sr.)
SS - A.J. Brown (6-0, 201, Sr.), Kevyn Scott (5-11, 197, RF)
FS - Randy McKinnon (5-10, 198, So.), Paul Chiara (5-11, 205, Sr.) OR Max Suter (5-11, 190, So.)
RC - Da'Mon Merkerson (6-1, 182, So.) or Nico Scott (5-10, 180, So.)


KO - Niko Rechul (6-2, 195, Sr.), Pat Shadle (5-8, 201, Sr.)
PAT/FG - Pat Shadle (5-8, 201, Sr.)
P - Rob Long (6-4, 175, So.)
LS - Max Leo (5-11, 210, Jr.)
Holder - Rob Long (6-4, 175, So.), Cody Catalina (6-3, 221, RF)
PR - Ryan Howard (5-8, 185, Sr.), Bruce Williams (6-0, 200, Sr.)
KR - Max Suter (5-11, 190, So.) and Mike Holmes (5-11, 185, So.), Ryan Howard (5-8, 185, Sr.) and Randy McKinnon (5-10, 198, So.)

You read that correctly, the halfback position is still up-for-grabs. Which is actually fine and what I expected. That starting job won't be decided until at least Week 2 of the season, if not even later. Besides, I'm fine with shuffling those guys in and out at first anyway, as long as it's done properly. If Brinkley stars blowing up in the Northwestern game, I don't want to see him on the bench because it's not fair to Doug Hogue's reps, or vice versa.

The right corner position is also up for grabs, both Nico Scott and Da'Mon Merkerson will get a shot at playing in the Northwestern game.

Ten true freshman, including defensive end
Mikhail Marinovich, wide receiver Marcus Sales, wide receiver Van Chew and strong safety Kevyn Scott, made the depth chart. Wither Averin Collier? He's a victim of a strong veteran group ahead of him rather than anything he did this off-season (the injury didn't help). Looks like for all the hype about freshman Dorian Graham that he'll be doing most of his work on special teams this year. Jonathan Meldrum wasn't able to sneak his way into the O-line starters but he'll likely see significant playing time.

And as for captains?
Jake Flaherty, Patrick Shadle, Tony Fiammetta and Bruce Williams. A find-sounding bunch. And of course Greg Robinson took the opportunity to undercut their authority as quickly as possible:
"This is by far of any year since I've been here where so many different people received votes for captain," Robinson said. "These people they were the clear guys selected, but at the same time, there were a number of people that received votes."
Congrats, you guys. You're our captains. Barely.