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Bud's Orange Juice Glass Is Half-Full

If you've been watching those Audio Slideshows, you know that the overriding opinion from the Post-Standard sports heavies has been "hey guys, relax, give this team a chance, will ya?" It's valid and I think we'll agree to happily eat crow if the Orange storm out of the gate with a couple wins (hell, even just one).

Still, one thing SU fans all seem to be in agreement on is that there is a better investment out there than SU season football tickets, even at $100 for a little slice of Touchdown Town. Don't tell that to Bud Poliquin though...he's thought it through and he thinks you'd be a fool not to go buy some season tickets right now!
...As Dick MacPherson used to say, for the Syracuse University football team beginning later this month are worth $16.67 per home game, aren't they?
Well, when you put it like that, Bud...fairly stated. It's more expensive to go to the movies at that point. At least until the Dome Dogs. What else you got?
You want wins? There are two, against Akron and Northeastern, that are all but guaranteed.
Bud, I know you're an idealist but, and I am being 100% serious, you and I both know that's not true. You're talking about a team that lost to one MAC team (Miami of Ohio) and barely beat another (5-7 Buffalo) last season. Akron gave Miami a run for their money when they played, losing 0-7 (closer than SU). I haven't paid too much attention to Akron this preseason but there's no reason Syracuse fans, given the state of our program, can chalk that up an a guaranteed win.

And as for Northeastern, well, I'm not gonna go doomsday just yet but...well...just sayin'...
You want competition? The affairs with Louisville and Connecticut should provide that . . . if, of course, (a) the fans cross their fingers and toes and, (b) the Orange can block and tackle.
See, even then you can't bring yourself to commit. That's why neither can we...
You want pomp and a bit of circumstance? Penn State and Pittsburgh, each a Top 20ish outfit, will offer some of both when they come to town.
Is that some sort of secret signal that Mini-Kiss is booked for both of these games? Tap your nose twice if this is true...
So, with all of that in mind, here's the looniest marketing story in college football: Having sold 2,800 out of its allotted 4,000 $100 tickets, SU still has some 1,200 of them to peddle. And the home opener is just 24 days away.
7-28, Bud. 1-10, 4-8 and 2-10, Bud. It's a numbers game, you know that. And the numbers don't add up for SU fans. You have one last chance to redeem yourself...
And . . . who knows? Perhaps the Orange just might be good enough to play its way into that thing. And that would bump the fair market value to, oh, 20 bucks right there. Well, wouldn't it?
Easy Bud, why set your expectations so high? Bowl would require 7, maybe 8 wins. I'm all about muted expectations. Six wins gets us to January no less. Eye on the prize, baby.

In all fairness, Bud is right in his point. $100 for season tickets is a very small price to pay to support the team. It's easy for me to say this from 3,000 miles away but t'were I in the Greater Syracuse Area I would absolutely be a season ticket holder. And I would absolutely be using those tickets for kindling by Week 7.