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Breaking: Jim Boeheim Enjoys Chinese Food

Thankfully the weekend doesn't come before our latest Jim Boeheim Update. Jim spends most of the post discussing the win over Greece and how great the team is. But you already knew that. More importantly, Jim, are you eating well?
And we are getting our share of Chinese food, too. At least I am, although I did have an Australian steak the other night. But I plan to go out this evening for another Chinese meal. So we're taking care of that end of things. You know, the eating end.
When Jim Boeheim retires and becomes a poet full-time, what do you think his pen name should be? I'm gonna throw j. a. boeheim into the mix as my vote. No caps. It's more poet-y.

Boeheim ends the post with a play out of the Lou Holtz "upsell your opponent" playbook:
Anyway, we've got Spain next. And Spain, which is clearly the best team over here, beat Greece by 15 points on Sunday.
Oh Jim, we see right through your rouse. Either that, or you actually believe 15 is more than 23. If that's the case...STOP EATING THE CHINESE FOOD! IT WAS A TRICK, JIM! IT'S LACED WITH BRAIN POISON!

(Photo: AP)