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The Biggest Loser

The three most notable omissions from Syracuse preseason camp this year have to be:

1. Mike Williams

2. Major injuries to a running back

3. Patrick Shadle's tummy

We have an answer as to why the first one was absent, we're thankful for the absence second and we're been pleasantly surprised about the third one:
Shadle, an all-Big East Conference candidate, said he weighs 195 pounds. Last season, Shadle said, he weighed 230. He said he's seen the pictures of himself from last season and wonders, "Who's that guy? You don't see yourself like that when you look like that, but when you look differently, there's a big difference. That was a little embarrassing."
Shadle thinks the extra weight also affected his flexibility and led to shorter and shorter kickoffs towards the end of last season. He needed help. He needed an intervention. He needed the help of a master motivator and wordsmith who could put things in perspective. He needed...Greg Robinson?
Syracuse head coach Greg Robinson challenged Shadle after the season to drop the weight again. Shadle, a three-time All-Big East academic selection, called the manner in which Robinson delivered the order "inspiring. He made sure I knew how serious he was."
You know, Greg, if this football thing doesn't pan out, a 1-800 help line might be the way to go. Let Greg let you know just how much you flash for only $3.99/minute.

As to how Shadle let himself go so much, well, that's still a bit unknown:
Shadle said the reason for putting on the weight is "kind of a mystery." He is a three-time All-Big East Conference academic selection who can't explain his actions other than a body cycle that got out of control.
I kinda like the insinuation that, because he's a three-time All Big East Conference academic selection, that holds him to some sort of higher intellectual standard that should have allowed him to know how this happened. I picture him wearing a lab coat and goggles while pouring some kind of liquid into a test tube wherein upon seeing the results, he angrily throws the test tube against the wall and yells, "Why, dammit! Why can't I, an All Big East academic selection, figure out why I got rotund!!!" He then comforts himself with the first of his five Taco Bell steak Gorditas before vowing the solve this riddle once and for all.

The biggest loser in all of this? The "Where Syracuse Happens" video I made last season, which is now terribly out-dated.