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The Battle For The Clipboard

Many things can change in two years, especially in college football. But Syracuse fans should keep an extremely close eye on the battle taking place all the way down the depth chart at third string. Barring a five-star recruit, when Andrew Robinson graduates (or finally befalls his fate via The Curse), either Cody Catalina or David Legree (right) will be the next starting quarterback for the Syracuse Orange.

In the meantime,
the two are biding their time and doing what they can behind the scenes. With Robinson and senior Cam Dantley ahead of them, playing time this season will be sparse. But next year, one of them will be #2 on the depth chart and an injury away from being your starting quarterback.

If we're just choosing on names, there's no contest. The guy's name is Cody Catalina. That's outstanding. He pretty much only had three choices in star, professional wrestler and quarterback. He chose wisely.