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Awesome. Just...Awesome.

I mean....I don't even...I don't...I just...just read this, okay?
Darrick Scott would sit at home reading college football recruiting Web sites with disgust.

Every time he logged on to or and checked the list of Syracuse commitments for the Class of 2009, the only name he would see was his own. The lone soul with a verbal promise to play for the Orange.
Oh wait, it gets better...
"I read all the blogs on the Internet, and it opened my eyes when people all were talking, 'Oh, we don't know if the coaching staff will be intact or not,'" Scott said in a telephone interview Friday morning. "That's all hearsay right now, but people started saying it. If enough people say it, it will eventually be true. "

A lot of guys were saying, 'Why would you commit to Syracuse? You're a four-star. You're better than Syracuse.'"
Oh, we're just getting started...
After committing to Syracuse, Scott went on the recruiting trail himself, hoping to convince his friends and other Division I prospects from the Maryland and Washington D.C. area to lose their preconceptions and consider signing with Syracuse. Each time, Scott was rejected, often with little or no explanation.

"One kid, Anthony Young-Wiseman out of Bethesda, (Md.,), he and I were talking, and I thought he would be good for Syracuse," Scott said. "He said, 'Hey man, I'm going to Duke. I'm sorry.' I don't know why, but he didn't even think about it."
We live in a world where someone is told they should play football at Syracuse University and that person, without hesitation, decides that his football prospects are better at Duke. DUKE!!!

As for why Scott ultimately decided to bail on the Orange for Central Michigian?
Central Michigan immediately stuck out. Two of Scott's close friends, Leron Eaddy and Malek Redd from River Hill High School in Clarksville, Md., had already signed with the Chippewas and were coaxing him to de-commit from Syracuse.

Also, Scott knew CMU defensive coordinator Tim Banks, who Scott met at a football camp his freshman year of high school.
Scott said Eaddy and Redd were both willing to sign with the Orange so the three of them could play together, but they never received scholarship offers. They both latched on with Central Michigan instead and hoped Scott would jump ship and join them.
Fare the well, Darrick. Based on all of that I can't say I blame you. It actually sounds like this guy was our number one recruiter out there for a while so he certainly did his due diligence. Oh, why do I get this uneasy feeling this is only going to get worse before it gets better.

Nice work, Jared Diamond of the D.O.