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Answer A Question, Eat Some Bread

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We're starting another wonderful tradition today...the Every Wednesday of the Football Season Magic HappyTime Contest. If it's not obvious, that means we're gonna have ourselves a little contest and we're even gonna give away a prize. Every Wednesday of the season I'll pose a question or a puzzle to you. All you have to do is submit your answer below. Then, based on whatever the criteria is that week, I'll pick a winner.

That winner wins themselves a $20 gift card from Panera Bread, thereby removing their need to go bread shopping that weekend. Free time, meet your new friend, Wednesday contest winner.

So this week it's the most special week of the year for SU football fans. The first game of the season will be upon us soon. Anticipation is high. The pressure is palpable. The time for talk, as Greg Robinson will tell you...over...and over...and done.

And so...for the first EWotFSMHT Contest, let's start simple.


Simple, right? Just tell me what you think the score will be, tell me who wins (obviously) and whoever is closest to the right answer wins some warm, flaky bread. Good luck! We'll announce the winner on Monday.

HT: Panera Bread, natch, and The Sport Hump