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And Justice For All?

The Syracuse Three had their day in "court" yesterday as Jonny Flynn, Scoop Jardine and Rick Jackson stood before three-member SU Judicial Hearing Board, which consisted of faculty members and administrators, for almost six hours yesterday. The accuser was also on-hand and she testified as well. The board now has five days to provide a decision.
An associate dean who filed the complaint that led to the hearing presented the woman's case, and the four men each presented their own case. The three players' lawyers were present, although university rules allowed them only to quietly advise their clients, according to lawyers representing Flynn and Jackson.
Again, we've covered how strange these practices are but who is the arbiter deciding whether or not a lawyer is advising their client "unquietly?" Do you get in trouble if you don't whisper low enough? Citing many strange and unethical policies such as that, Jonny Flynn's lawyer is already read to fight back if the Board hands down any kind of judgement against him:
Stefano Cambareri, who represents Flynn, has said that he is prepared to file a lawsuit against the university if Flynn is disciplined. The four men, including Flynn, signed an informal agreement with the university in January that they thought settled the matter.

However, the woman did not sign the agreement. The woman's mother has said there was miscommunication about her daughter's intentions to be part of the judicial process at a later date. That's why the associate dean, David Potter, filed a new complaint with the university to have the case reconsidered.
I would imagine Associate Dean Potter will not be renewing his basketball season tickets this year.