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Oh Mike Williams, What Are We Gonna Do With You?

A few weeks back we got the tantalizing news that Mike Williams' suspension was cleared up and he would be returning to the Orange for the upcoming season. Of course, you should always check the source. Oddly enough, the source WAS Williams. And HIS source was Greg Robinson, apparently. Turned out Williams was more than a little confused by the whole matter and just how imminent his return to SU was.

Williams' road to returning lay through Onondaga Community College, where Robinson was helping Mike get enrolled. Once he got his academics back in order and his suspension worked out, he most likely would be able to re-enroll at SU and come back and play for the Orange next year. Simply, all Mike had to do at this point was enroll at OCC before the registration deadline.

Mike Williams did NOT enroll at OCC before the registration deadline.

Thanks to Jared Diamond of the indomitable D.O. Sports Blog, we know that Williams is not actually attending OCC this semester as "planned" and this throws his possible reinstatement to SU in serious doubt. Diamond speculates that Williams will end up in 1-AA this year rather than continue trying to navigate the academic and legal criteria that get more difficult to bypass with each strange decision. I have to agree that given the info and the circumstances, that does look very likely. The Curse of the Russian Dolls lives on.

Who knows, we may still see Williams in the Dome this season. I'm sure Northeastern could use him.

(Oh and in case you're wondering, and I'm sure you can guess, no comment from SU as of yet)