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Jonny Flynn > Chris Paul

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Huge find by Rockin' The Loud House, they uncovered this rundown of LeBron James Skills Academy going on right now in Akron, OH. In attendance are some of the best high school, college and pro players in the country. Among them is Syracuse guard Jonny Flynn. And to say that Flynn is making an impact would be a bit of an understatement:
Syracuse guard Jonny Flynn has been nothing short of terrific in the pick-up games and even the drills. In fact, NBA star Chris Paul singled Flynn out when I asked him who was the most impressive on Monday night.

But wait, there's more. The players were broken up into five-man squads and played each other in turn. The big dogs of the bunch? The team headlined by LeBron AND Chris Paul. Believe it or not, that team lost three times. Two of those losses...were to Team Flynn (probably not their official name):
...The group that gave Team James-Paul the most trouble was comprised of Jonny Flynn (Syracuse), Patrick Beverley (Arkansas), Patrick Christopher (California), Terrence Williams (Louisville) and Jarvis Varnado (Mississippi State). They went 2-2 against Team James-Paul and created memories they seemed to cherish immediately.

"That was like the greatest experience of my life," Williams said, and he was not exaggerating.
You have my permission to get excited, jacked, pumped, jazzed and otherwise psyched. Proceed.

(Huge HT:
Rockin' The Loud House)