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Gregisms 7/29, Part Deux

It's Christmas in July as we continue showcasing the accidental wit and wisdom of Syracuse coach Greg Robinson.

Discussing the Orange's chances in 2008 during Big East Media Day
"We have to win. We got to win football games...I think, you know, offense, defense special teams and attitude. All of those things are part of it."
It's all about the 4 A's. Attitude, Athleticism, Attention and...Attitude!
"Be specific? I could be here for days talking about it."
He's not kidding. Asking Greg Robinson to be specific is like asking Donald Rumsfeld to explain why we went into Iraq.

The Daily Orange also spoke with Robinson...
"What others see and don't see, that doesn't concern me because it doesn't matter...It's what do I see and is it real? That's the bottom line."
What is real, Greg? If real is what a 2-10 season feels, smells, tastes and looks like, then 'real' is simply electrical signals interpreted by your brain telling you that you're team went 2-10.

And we'll end the day with the introduction of Arthur Jonesisms. When asked of Syracuse's chances of playing in a bowl game come season end, the defensive end proclaimed...
"Definitely. Without a doubt."
Say what you will of the validity of that statement, at least its a specific answer.

(Photo Credit: AP)