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Your Syracuse-Related Performance Art Prayers Have Been Answered

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If you're a true Syracuse fan, you've been racking your brain this summer, thinking of a fantastic performance art piece to debut at the first home football game as a statement against the current state of the program.

Me? I've already got my idea ready to go. I'm going to have a Greg Robinson impersonator stand on top of the Carrier Dome in a Sun-God robe while thousands of scantily-clad, screaming women throw tiny pickles at him. I think my point will be made. (And yes,
I stole that)

But what about you? You've got your one-piece singlet and cape. You've got your friends ready to flash mob at a moment's notice. But you're still missing one important ingredient. 1,000 artificial oranges.

Well I say worry no more, my friend. You can have your oranges and eat them too. (Not literally).
As part of the Ann Loeb Bronfman Gallery’s exhibit L(a)ttitudes, Avner Bar Hama created a map of Israel entirely out of these oranges. Now that the exhibit is over, they need a good home.

We’re auctioning them off on eBay right now with the starting bid of $50 (plus $25 shipping).

Big fan of Syracuse University?
Become the ultimate Orange fan. Imagine your dorm room or frat house literally covered in oranges.
Like I said, if I hadn't already committed to my idea (you have no idea what goes into buying pickles in bulk), I'd be all over this. The bidding remains at $50 for the time being so there's no excuse. Even if you don't have a specific purpose in mind for the oranges, it'll come to you eventually. The oranges will guide you.