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You Mean Tampa Isn't A Lacrosse Hotbed Yet?

The pros and cons of Big East Lacrosse have already been discussed on the Intertubes for a few days now but the official official word seems to have finally leaked out today. While we already knew most of the details, we learn a couple new things, including the fact that this is happening even sooner than expected:
A seven-team conference featuring Syracuse, Notre Dame, Georgetown, Rutgers, Villanova, St. John's and Providence will begin play in 2009 2010. The six-team Northeast Conference will also begin play that season. The creation of the two leagues will force a sweeping realignment that will dissolve the Great Western League and force a complex game of musical chairs in the Metro-Atlantic Athletic Conference (MAAC), ECAC and Colonial League.
Couple other tidbits that were confirmed:
  • There will not be a conference tournament or championship, at least not at first
  • No other Big East schools are planning on starting lacrosse programs in order to join
  • There will not be any "lacrosse-only" Big East schools added either. Suck it, Loyola.
Now the big question is which schools won't be on our scheduling after next year? The most likely candidates (imo) are UMass, Binghamton and Army. It'll be a bummer to lose two NY State rivals go but really, we won't be losing too much (and we get one back in St. John's anyway). And as for UMass, I don't know about you but I've had just about enough out of them anyway.

If I could, I'd like to submit my own idea for the official logo and slogan of the new conference. It's a work in progress but I feel like it's got something...