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You Got Gorman'd Once, Don't Let It Happen Again

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You missed out the Matt Gorman Goods last time they were up on the eBays and you've been kicking yourself ever since. Well fret not. You may have missed out on the home whites but now you have the chance to own Matty's very own road orange uni. The jersey, shorts and warm-up are on the market and you've got two days to pull the trigger.

The shorts are currently going for $152.50 and are described as being "in absolute MINT condition" which would be a little strange, considering they were supposedly worn during games. Perhaps I'm not up on the rules of assigning conditions but anything that close to Matt Gorman's crotch for an extended period of time can't possibly be considered "mint."

Shorts a little too rich for your blood? How bout the warm-up? Currently going for $49.99, it sounds like a good deal. And just in time for Father's Day...assuming your Dad is a size XXXL.

But let's face it, the real money item here is the jersey. Currently fetching $99.99, the jersey has no takers at the time of this post. We're talking about the jersey that was part of this man-pyramid, people! Get in on history. Or at least a very good-looking replica of it. Besides...Matt Gorman's gotta eat, ya know?

HT: Cliftonparksufan