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What Were The Odds?

Quentin Hillsman has won the Basketball Coaches Association of New York Women’s Basketball Division I Coach of the Year Award.

No shit.

Never say never, but this also seems to lock him up for the Onondaga County Women's Basketball Division I Coach of the Year Award as well. Fingers crossed!

Yes, the accolades are all very deserved for Hillsman, who was also named 2007-08 BIG EAST Conference Coach of the Year after coordinating the second biggest turnaround in the country en route to an NCAA Tournament appearance.

Don't rest on those laurels just yet Hillsman, Jimmy B's still got you beat with four BCANY Coach of the Year awards (2003, 1996, 1987 and 1984). Seriously though, dude's been to three Final Fours, won a National Title, is ranked fourth all-time in wins and is in the basketball hall of fame and he's only got
four of these things? Who the hell else is winning them, Emmett Davis?