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Well Done, Chiefs. Well Done.

The mark of any good minor league baseball team is its ability to shoehorn in a local or even national story into their marketing campaigns. And while it may not be as star-studded as Retro Celebrity Night (Jamie Farr!) or letting kids play the first two innings on a game on PlayStation, The Syracuse Chiefs get mucho points with the SU crowd for their latest promo item:

According to CNY in the Pros' Josh Shear, the Chiefs are hacing a little fun on Thursday, the night of the NBA Draft:

If you wear your DONTE' LEAVE or your SU hoops Dynasty t-shirt to the game, you get a free level 200 ticket...You can also trade your t-shirt for an "Our Green is Staying" t-shirt, seen above.

Let's see, sit at home in my Don'te Leave T-Shirt bitterly watching Donte Greene get drafted or enjoying a tall, cool Budweiser in my level 200 seat watching the Cheifs and Mud Hens go at it on the stadium's lush and beautiful grass? The choice is clear, people. See you at Alliance Bank Stadium on Thursday*. (In spirit of course, unless I can trade my Don'te Leave T-shirt for a first-class ticket from LAX and a two-night stay at the Sheraton. Doable?).