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We Sure Do Schedule A Lot Of Big East Teams

As you've probably heard by now, the Duke football team won its court case against Louisville on Friday. Duke had opted out of a three-game series with the Cardinals, a move that Louisville felt entitled them to $450,000. In fact, the clause in the contract stated that "a penalty of $150,000 per game to be assessed if a date with a team of similar stature could not be scheduled in the event of a cancellation."

Duke's argument? We're so bad it would be impossible for that standard not to be met. Indeed, Duke has only 13 wins in the last 9 years and is coming off a 1-11 season. Naturally, Duke was able to convince the judge that they did indeed suck and they won the case.

Duke was supposed to be on the Cardinal's schedule last season but, and this is where SU comes in, apparently they decided to schedule a team like us instead.
Louisville played nonconference games last season against Championship Subdivision Murray State, Middle Tennessee, Kentucky, North Carolina State and Syracuse.
NOW, one of three things happened here.

1. The writer/editor doesn't know that Syracuse and Louisville are in the same conference.
2. The writer/editor is well-aware that Syracuse is technically in the Big East but doesn't want to acknowledge it. Possibly a UConn or West Virginia grad.
3. Louisville specifically asked not to be associated with us in some sort of revenge for beating them.

I'd believe any of those, honestly.