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Tonight's Top Story; The Sewers Run Red With Rishi Barran's Blood

So earlier today I mentioned that WTVH got a chance to speak with Donte Greene on Wednesday. The interview is referred to as "his first interview...since declaring for the Draft" which I remember thinking was odd considering this and this. I didn't think it was a big deal so I forgot about it.


My trusty Google Alerts service emailed me about an hour ago with some recent Syracuse-related articles, one of which was entitled
"First? I'd like a definition, please." The first few lines of the blog post, written by's Mike Waters, a.k.a. the person who got the actual first interview with Donte, are included:
WTVH-5 spoke with former Syracuse University basketball player Donte Greene on Wednesday. The Channel 5 folks are saying it's the first interview with Greene since he decided to enter the NBA draft. That's a surprise to me...
That's all it says before it faded away, hoping to have enticed me enough to click through. Well consider me enticed! Could it be that were about to see the full-on bloodlust of a journalistic holy war? I clicked like I've never clicked before and saw...nothing. The link was dead. Removed from the blog. Gone...forever?

So what happened? Did cooler heads prevail? Did the interviewer, WTVH's Rishi Barran, promise to remove the claim from the site? (guess not, it's still there) Was a meeting called by the heads of the Five Families of Syracuse Journalism (The Post-Standard, WTVH, WSYR, WSYT & CNY Latino) to soothe matters over? At the moment, we can't say for sure.

All I do know is...keep a close eye on your trident. You may need it at some point.