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That's Right, They Do All That Sensitivity Training AFTER The Draft

Donte Greene is working through a lot of fear right now. The fear of not getting drafted as high as he hoped. The fear of ending up in a city he doesn't want to be in. The fear of playing for a team he doesn't want to play for. The fear of disappointing his family and friends. The fear of looking like a fool for leaving school early.

Of course, these are big, fancy ideas we use to dress up what's really at the core of fear. All of them can be traced back to one thing and one thing only.

The fear of looking retarded.

I'll let Donte explain...
"I know a couple of guys that had guarantees (from teams in the draft) and were sitting in Madison Square Garden looking retarded because they didn't get picked, so I'm not too big on guarantees."
I'll assume that because Donte is not a national person of interest yet, this will fly under the radar. But make no mistake, if this were Kobe Bryant or Carmelo Anthony, we'd be gearing up for RetardedInTheGreenRoomGate right now.

Could've been worse I suppose. He could have said that teams that go back on their draft guarantees are
worse than Hitler.

Donte did add a little something that is worth noting for all the SU fans harping on the guy:
"Growing up in Baltimore in the inner city and not always having what they call the good life -- if I have the opportunity (to play in the NBA), I'm going to take it."
Fair enough. Hopefully though by the time the draft comes around, at least one of those NBA teams has finally fallen in love with him. Cause according to ESPN's Chad Ford, there's been no sign of Cupid's arrow piercing any of their hearts just yet:
I can't find a home for Syracuse forward Donte Greene yet. Everyone I talk to likes him, but I've yet to find a team that loves him.
An NBA scout's heart is a fickle thing.