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Thank God For Low Wages

Lacrosse fans want to see the NLL and MLL grow and gain popularity around North America. But we probably don't want it to get too big, you know? We certainly don't want there to come a time when a young player, such as incoming Syracuse recruit Cody Jamieson, would consider going directly to the pros instead of playing college ball. Cause from the sounds of things, he could if he wanted to:
One NLL Coach I talked to recently said that if this year’s pro draft included both Zack Greer and Cody Jamieson, he’d take Jamieson over Greer, over Veltman, over Campeau and over anyone else you could think of. It was Jamieson all the way with zero hesitation. The best part about Cody, his rep and the hype that surrounds him doesn’t even do his game justice.
That was Inside Lacrosse's Paul Tutka talking about Jamieson being among the very best junior lacrosse players in the country. His stats for the Six Nation Arrows in the OLA Lacrosse League? Gaudy. In 9 games he has 29 Goals and 23 Assists.

Jamieson was named national junior college male athlete (not lacrosse player...athlete) of the year last season after a blistering performance at Onondaga Community College. Jamieson decided to sit out this season so he could get two full years at Syracuse University. After winning the NCAA title without his services this year, it turned out to be a great decision for SU fans as well.

So in a nutshell, here's the difference between lacrosse and basketball. A high school basketball phenom spends his summers preparing for whichever pro team he gets drafted by as well as inking endorsement deals and beating off agents and other suitors with a stick.

A lacrosse phenom?
In addition to playing, I’ll be working construction and other odd jobs like that.
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