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Filed under: Invites You To Glimpse The Future!

I'll make this brief, just in case the robots are coming to enslave me as they take over the world. I write this post to you in the year of our lord 2008 on June 5th. Like any other day I logged onto my computer to see what was going on. It might surprise you to know that in my world, the Tampa Rays are good, the New York Yankees are bad and a black man is probably going to be President (cue circus music).

Well today was no ordinary day. Like I said, I logged onto my computer as I always do. I checked my email, like I always do. I received some emails regarding Syracuse information, like I always do. I clicked on the link, like I always do. And then things got weird.

I traveled to the future. To your world. I promise you, I come in peace.

See, in my world, Saturday June 7th is still two days away. And on Saturday, the SU men's lacrosse team will be honored at the Taste of Syracuse event. This event, when it does happen, promises to be a fun and festive time.

But in your world, it seems,
this event has already happened.

I don't know what I did. Did I hit a wormhole on my way home? Did a droplet of my Diet Cherry Coke zap my computer and open a temporal time rip that sent me two days into the future? I find that it's better not to worry about it and just enjoy was actually happened...
Several local dignitaries were also on hand to congratulate the Orange. Syracuse Mayor Matt Driscoll and Onondaga County Executive Joanie Mahoney made a short proclamation. Senator John DeFrancisco also spoke.
If I am speaking to you in the past, do not be surprised to see Matt Driscoll and Joanie Mahoney make proclamations that are short in nature. Do not fear John DeFrancisco when he, beyond all reasoning and comprehension, speaks. Do not fear these events when they happen for they are your future.

I've left out the last paragraph of the press release which explains what our new machine overlords expect of us in this new dawn. I mean, I'm sure you want to leave at least some element of surprise. So until Xenodrone 9-J descends from above and disintegrates the Taste of Syracuse revelers (honestly, it sounds horrible but it was friggin' AWESOME), just trust in the knowledge that you'll be able to enjoy watching DOCTOR Daryl Gross join the men's lacrosse team on the stage to receive the applause of the crowd for, well, whatever it is he apparently did.

God speed, humanity. See you on the other side.