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SU Disappoints In Google Street View Arena

Kudos to WSYR for reminding me all about Google Street View. You know, that part of their map feature that allows you to see street-level images. You never quite know what you'll see and you never quite know who you'll see either. Naturally, I took to the streets surrounding Syracuse University to see what I could find. And what I found was...


First of all, all the best spots are untouchable. The SU campus, South Campus, Euclid Ave and Marshall Street are all off-limits, an inexcusable situation. You can get close but never close enough for the opportunity to catch Nancy Cantor picking her nose or Jim Boeheim going for a jog in a muscle tee and short-shorts.

Second, from what I could see, SU folks handle themselves fairly well as they walk about town. No one making a fool of least not during the times these photos were taken. I grabbed a couple shots below of the campus, including a shot of the old train station down by Brewster/Boland that was the site of the infamous Crowbar Joey story.

By all means, head on over to Google Maps, search for a local address, click on "street view" and have at it. If you find anything worth noting, you know where to find me.