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SU Disappoints In Google Street View Arena

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Kudos to WSYR for reminding me all about Google Street View. You know, that part of their map feature that allows you to see street-level images. You never quite know what you'll see and you never quite know who you'll see either. Naturally, I took to the streets surrounding Syracuse University to see what I could find. And what I found was...


First of all, all the best spots are untouchable. The SU campus, South Campus, Euclid Ave and Marshall Street are all off-limits, an inexcusable situation. You can get close but never close enough for the opportunity to catch Nancy Cantor picking her nose or Jim Boeheim going for a jog in a muscle tee and short-shorts.

Second, from what I could see, SU folks handle themselves fairly well as they walk about town. No one making a fool of least not during the times these photos were taken. I grabbed a couple shots below of the campus, including a shot of the old train station down by Brewster/Boland that was the site of the infamous Crowbar Joey story.

By all means, head on over to Google Maps, search for a local address, click on "street view" and have at it. If you find anything worth noting, you know where to find me.