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The Stars At Night Are Big And Bright (Clap, Clap, Clap, Clap) Deep In The Heart Of Texas

If you think about it, Donte Greene is a perfect fit for Houston. McGrady will keep him in check as the alpha shooter. And Donte is already used to playing with a foreign-born big man. Belgium is pretty much just like China, right?

It was a busy night overall for the Rockets, as it was for most teams in the Tradingest Draft in History:
Houston began by trading the draft rights to Batum to the Portland Trail Blazers for the rights to Darrell Arthur (27th overall pick) and Dorsey (33rd overall pick). The Rockets then sent the draft rights for Arthur to the Memphis Grizzlies for the rights to Greene (28th overall pick) and Memphis’ 2009 second-round pick. To cap things off, Houston then took Leunen (54th overall pick) with its own selection in the second round.
Houston GM Daryl Morey then shared his thoughts on Greene, of whom he spoke highly (what, you expect him to say Donte sucks ass?):
"At the wing spot we need size, athleticism and shooting," says Morey. "He has all those things. He’s got a good chance to really contribute over time. I do think he’ll potentially have a tough time getting on the floor early with the veteran group we have, but he’s at a spot where if he works and commits himself on both ends of the floor, he’s got a real chance to be a pretty special player."
Humorous that the website uses Donte's pre-draft statline of 6'11''. Apparently Greene is 6'11'' when in uniform and 6'9'' when not.

Here's Morey talking Greene & Houston's draft. Part I:

Part II: