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Sources Say Mike Williams Is Indeed A Pumpkin Eater

While Day 3 of MikeWilliamsIsSuspendedIndefinitelyAndNoOneWillTellUsWhyGate is upon us, the reality of the situation is setting in. Since the University, DOC Gross or Greg Robinson have not made official statements by now you know the news is bad. (And naturally, by not commenting, they're only making it worse and riling up what remains of their fan base...good thinking, guys!)

Bad grades might get a guy a slap on the wrist or even a temporary suspension but that's an easily-remedied situation. And if that was the case, why was this news made public after the school year was already over? Clearly, this had to be something worse. And now comes the first news that it probably is...

WTVH is reporting that Williams was "caught cheating multiple times in class this semester."

Multiple times??? It's Rhetorical Studies, Mike, how hard can it be? It's just a bunch of questions that don't require answers. Such as, I don't know, "Do I really think SU has a shot at going bowling this year?" All you have to do is not answer the question and, BOOM, A+!

If Syracuse doesn't make an official announcement today denying the charge, we'll pretty much have our answer. And if I know anything about the way SU handles problems like this, we'll probably be hearing from them some time in August.

Marcus Sales, let's see what ya got.