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Somebody Should Probably Start Guarding Casey Powell

Huzzah and kudos to former SU lacrosse star Casey Powell who became the leading scorer in Major League Lacrosse history this past Saturday. Donna Ditota has the full scoop on Powell's 1 goals, 2 assist performance for the Rochester Rattlers that put him over the edge.

Powell now has 368 points in 8 seasons in the league. He spent the first two with the Long Island Lizards and has been with Rochester since 2003.

Powell, who briefly set the SU scoring mark as well before it was tied by his brother Ryan and then eclipsed by Villian's Trust frontman Mike(y) Powell, still finds himself being
hunted by his brothers. Ryan began the season a mere 13 goals behind Casey despite having played two less years. So far Ryan has 11 points in the young season to Casey's 12. You get the sense this is gonna go on until one their arms falls of...and even then...

And in case you're wondering, in four seasons Mike(y) has 94 points but only 2 so far this year. For now, the big brothers have the conch.

(Photo Credit: Major League Lacrosse)