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Russians Love Andrew Robinson

If there's anyone who knows the way of the world, it's the novelty mytroyshka doll maker. He or she has to tell the story within the context of 5-6 wooden figurines of varying size. Shakespeare, Schmakespeare, this is storytelling at its core.

I was in Prague once and I remember looking through the tourist shops at all the different dolls hoping and praying that I might find something worth bringing back. They had all the US pro teams and even a couple college ones, but it was a fool's errand to think I was going to find a Syracuse collection.

SU Alum Bob Kalka has officially proved me wrong. He just got back from Mother Russia and with him he brought not only the Syracuse figures you see below, but also everything you need to know about Syracuse's upcoming season. (As Bob points out, it also highlights the disturbing yet delightful "fact that there is apparently a market in the old Soviet empire for wooden Syracuse football stacking dolls")

(By the way, check out Otto in the background of the first photo, eyeing up the dolls as he realizes his days as the most prized Syracuse possession in the household are numbered. He might single-handidly restart the Cold War if left alone with little wooden Andrew Robinson.)

Everything you need to know about the Orange and how successful they will be this season is right there for you. Down at the bottom there, the little guy, that's
defensive tackle Arthur Jones who is sure to menace opposing offenses when he gets in his Stuart Little convertible and drives right under their feet. Next up, backup QB Cam Dantley, whose apparent importance to the team has suddenly struck the fear of God into me.(I blame, who had Cam Dantley listed as #4 and not Taj Smith) Then there's #1, Mike Williams, who may or may not play this season. Although if some Russian doll maker thinks he's in, he's in. #9 is QB Andrew Robinson, who looks like he's been hanging out with Patrick Shadle a little too much in the off-season.

Finally, the man who will bring us back to glory...#91...Stock??? #91 is defensive tackle Brandon Gilbeaux. So who the hell is this Stock guy, why is he wearing Gilbeaux's number, why does he look like he's throwing the football and why couldn't we find him a better-fitting helmet? Dammit, these dolls have provided more questions than answers.

Finally, leave with the photo you've been waiting for. Arthur Jones, inside the bottoms of his teammates. Yeah, I said it.

(Major HT: Bob K.)