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Paul Harris Is Doing Just Fine, Thank You

What is it with Buffalo news reporters and stories about the academic standings of Syracuse athletes these days?

The Buffalo News' Rodney McKissic had a chance to speak with Jim Boeheim on Friday and the topic of discussion was the swirling rumor about Paul Harris' academic standing. Thankfully for the sake of Cuse Nation's weak heart,
there's nothing to worry about:
"Paul just had his best sememster academically since he's been here,'' the Hall of Fame coach said. "I think a lot of the rumors stem from the fact that me and Paul don't always see eye to eye but in a good way. I'm trying to push him, like anyone who plays for me, to be the best player he can be and in turn Paul has responded by working harder. I pleased with both Paul and (former Niagara Falls star) Jonny (Flynn). They're both doing good academically."
Hooray for education! Boeheim added that Harris is a counselor at LeBron James' Kings Academy basketball camp in Akron, currently running through the 25th. Maybe Paul can put in the good word with LeBron about Donte.

(Photo: Daily Orange)