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The Octagon Is Unkind To Syracuse Alums

Some of you may have watched the theoretically-game-changing MMA fights on CBS on Saturday. For those who were hoping Kimbo Slice would help bring the sport to new heights, well, forgot that Kimbo Slice is less an MMA fighter and more a YouTube asskicker. Apparently if you were a true MMA fan, you were probably watching Versus on Sunday night instead anyway.

After the fact I'm seeing that Syracuse fans had a rooting interest in Saturday's festivities. Jon Murphy, a.k.a. The Sherpa a.k.a. Man of Faith a.k.a. former Syracuse football player you don't remember, stepped into the octagon against Brett Rogers this weekend. Rogers refers to himself as "The Grim." Not simply Grim...The Grim. As in The Grim Rogers, which in my heart of hearts I hope isn't meant to be a play on The Grim Reaper. But it probably is.

Mike Waters recalls the "sad but brief football career" of Murphy at Syracuse. I'm not sure exactly how long it lasted but I'm hoping it lasted just a bit longer than his fight against The Grim:

Guess we have to pin all of our Syracuse MMA-related hopes on Diamond Ferri.