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My God...That's...That's Mike Williams' Music!!!

What the bleep do we know? According to Paul Peck of WIBV in Buffalo, Mike Williams is coming back to the Syracuse Orange. That or Greg Robinson is playing the worst practical joke in history.
I caught up with Mike at the Gus Macker Basketball Tournament in downtown Buffalo, after his team had been eliminated from the top mens division. Mike told me that the situation has been resolved, and he will once again suit up for the Orange.

"They took it to (university) court, and the decision had been changed. I'm not sure. That's what my head coach (Greg Robinson) had been telling me. It looked like I'm there in August. They tell me to come to summer school July 6th, and in order to come to summer school I gotta be there."

"It wasn't no cheating situation. Syracuse is a private school. When you take exams you got to do exactly what they say. It was the beginning of the exam and the notes was out. He said I was looking at my notes. That's what he said. That's what happened."
No word on the time of this post over on, Daily Orange or SUAthletics (natch), but it's hard to do any better than Mike's word itself. So it looks like the claim was "cheating" but it wasn't quite a nefarious as it sounded. If that's the case, SU couldn't saved themselves a HELLUVA lot of aggravation by just having Williams come clean about this weeks ago.

We're probably a couple hours away from the first "no comment" from Gross/Robinson/SU. Regardless, if Williams situation is on the mend, it's not a season-saver by any means, but this is damn good news for Orange fans.

Check out the news report here.

Update: The bubble may be burst already. Brent Axe spoke with a University source who said "I would say Mike is optimistic, but it may not be this year. Next year for sure." Harrumph.