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Mr. Leveille Goes To Washington

The SU Men's Lacrosse team got the rare opportunity to meet face-to-face with the President of the United States. Instead of using the opportunity to make change in the world and foster discussion about the state of health care. the benefits of offshore drilling or America's failing foreign policy, they just let President Bush fawn all over them and their accomplishments.

Sorry, that's just selfish.

The team took part in NCAA Champions Day at the White House yesterday. The festivities included a tour of building, a private meeting and team photo with the President and participation in a ceremony on the South Lawn.

In the team's private meeting with Bush, "he told the team he watched on TV on Memorial Day as SU won the NCAA championship by defeating Johns Hopkins 13-10." Nice sentiment...but isn't it kinda weird that the President of the United States has the free time to watch a lacrosse game on Memorial Day? Shouldn't he have been...memorializing...or something?

The team presented Bush with a gift of two lacrosse sticks. One stick consisted of the school colors, orange and blue. The other stick however was red, white and blue. Why we presenting a UConn lacrosse stick to the President, I'll never know...

Senior co-captain and Tewaaraton Trophy winner Mike Leveille was rather pleased with the whole experience:
"It was unbelievable...It's an opportunity not many people have. He was funny. He was joking about how there's not too much lacrosse in Texas...To be able to meet the president is something I'll never forget."
You can check out some video from the event here, get the full transcript of Bush's speech here and check out photos from the event here including candid photos of the team, inside the White House and a shot of DOCTOR Gross (natch). You didn't think he was gonna miss this, did you?