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Mike Williams Is Returning...To Onondaga County

Let's get up to speed with MikeWilliamsSeemsToThinkHe'sComingBackButHe'sNotEntirelySureGate, shall we?

Last night, Paul Peck of
WIVB Buffalo says that he spoke with Mike Williams and Williams told him his return to Syracuse is imminent, per Greg Robinson. He also says the cheating allegation was all just a big misunderstanding.

Shortly thereafter,
The Axeman speaks with a University source who says "I would say Mike is optimistic (to return), but it may not be this year. Next year for sure."

Axe then gets another statement, this time an on-the-record one from SU Sports Information:

"Mike's status with Syracuse University remains unchanged. Coach Robinson is working with Mike to get him enrolled at Onondaga Community College.", I think we've got this all figured out now. So it sounds like Mike wasn't entirely clear on the process currently in effect for his eventual return to Syracuse. Of course, I'm not quite sure WHY Mike isn't clear, there's a huge difference between thinking you'll be back in an SU uniform in a few weeks and taking chemistry classes at OCC.

Bummer. It had to be too good to be true, didn't it? I mean, it was something positive about Syracuse football, OF COURSE it couldn't have been true. We can take some measure of comfort in knowing that Williams and the coaches are doing what they can to get him back in uniform for next season but that doesn't do much to make us feel any better about this season.

God damn you, mytroyshka doll maker, your prophecy is false!