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Let The Merchandising Commence!

As we all know, the key to turning a losing sports program begins and ends with your jersey. If you stink, just get a new uniform, and you're guaranteed to be good. Right?

Last year, Syracuse unveiled this and we went 2-10. Naturally, we need to change things up. And so, we officially have. I'm a few days late on this but really it just confirms what we already knew...

Hooray for white piping and lettering, the big thing that was sorely missing from SU's uniform the last few seasons. Feel free to order your very own jersey but Buyer Beware, this thing only has a shelf life of about 364 days so wear it well and wear it often.

And good luck to the player wearing #44 this season. You'll be carrying on a proud tradition of...(producer whispers in ear)...oh...right...dumbasses.