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Just Throw Your Marketing Tool In The Air And Wave It Like You Just Don't Care

SU Athletics is going about it all wrong. They're doing their best to up the ante and get people interested in attending Syracuse football games. And it's true, thousands people who wouldn't normally buy a ticket to a home game will certainly come out in droves due to the involvement of Gomez and Dave, Damn Yankees cover bands and the celebration of "Courage Day." But there's one essential ingredient missing so far from the mix. The thing that's going to put them over the top and ensure a sellout for even the Northeastern game.

A cheaply made towel with a catchy slogan on it.

Illinois is on the ball. They're instituting Zook Zone towels for all home games this season. That's what I'm talking about. It's got pop. Pizazz. Moxie. And other outdated, like-minded terms.

So using that model as a basis, I thought of some ideas that might kick off a brainstorm for the folks down at the Carrier Dome. If it's true that we all need to rally around Coach Greg Robinson this season, there's no better way to do that than in 50% cotton 50% polyester fashion.

Reader Ray B. was kind enough to make his own suggestion as well. SU Athletics, you're welcome.