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I've Always Felt Syracuse's Offense Needed More Props

"When Carrot Top takes the stage in front of his endless number of trunks, he turns the audience into Pandora, curious for what's inside."

You could probably say the same about Greg Robinson. Except instead of the audience being "curious" of what's inside, it's more apt to assume they're "horrified, saddened and desperate for answers."

That said, if you've ever noticed similarities between the bad orange-haired comic and the comically-bad and harried Orange (see what I did there?), you're not alone. In his
If College Football Teams Were Comedians rundown, Fanhouse's Adam Jacobi agrees.
Carrot Top: Syracuse
Did you know that they were technically successful for a while? Now completely unwatchable. Orange in places where there
ought not be orange (WARNING: SFW, BUT NOT ADVISABLE FOR WORK, LUNCH, SANITY). Would best serve humanity by being blasted into space.

Key comparison:
Prop comedy and Greg Robinson's offense.
Fret not, we're not the only ones scathed. Quite a few teams on our schedule get the business as well. I especially enjoy the Notre Dame/Eddie Murphy comparable jump on the "insane obesity" train, a move with varying degrees of success for both. And of course there's West Virginia a.k.a. Jeff Foxworthy (Give them 15 minutes and they'll paint an even more horrifying picture of rednecks than usual. Bizarrely successful.)

Now sit back and enjoy yourself some Carrot Top: