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It's Such A Fine Line Between Good And Terrible

Some more video from Donte Green(e)'s workout with the Portland Trail Blazers the other day:

It's rather boring stuff, that is, until you get to the following exchange around :58

Interviewer: How'd the workout go? You looks like you got a good sweat working out. (Ed. - Ew, creepy)
Donte: It was a good workout. Personally, probably one of my worst workouts ever, but uh, nah, it was probably, you know, (unintelligible) was definitely a good workout.
Interviewer: You didn't feel like you had the kind of shooting game you wanted? What was it?
Donte: Oh, everything man. I just had a terrible workout. I didn't come prepared at all today.

Well if that doesn't get the Trail Blazers front office fired up, I don't know what will. Congrats on what was apparently the greatest, most terribly great, worst workout of all time.

While we're on the subject, curious to know what Jay Bilas thinks of Donte? Be curious no more! (HT: Mike Waters)