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Gregisms 6/5

Showcasing the accidental wit and wisdom of Syracuse coach Greg Robinson.

Speaking to the Watertown Daily Times about the upcoming football season:
"To me, as a head football coach it is so important that I have to have a vision of where this football team is going to go...Then what you do is you set that vision. Then you assess where you are at that time. It's so important that that vision is so much stronger than current reality."
So, alright, let's try it. I envision Syracuse going to a bowl game. I am setting that vision in my head. I see that we are currently 2-10 and not a bowl team.

I did it!!! My vision is so much stronger than current reality!!! What do I win?
"There are so many what I term 'achievers' on this team...Achievers are those people that whatever somebody decides what their limits are, they'll always go beyond it."
I like it. Mike Williams isn't a cheater. He's an "achiever." He simple went beyond the limits of what he could tape to the palm of his hand while he took his exam.