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Greatest Syracuse-Related Moments In Movie History - #4

So far...

#10 - Veronica Corningstone's deleted scene from
#9 - Larry Csonka's "Branagh-esque" performance in SnakeEater
#8 - Syracuse's interest in recruiting Tom Cruise in
All The Right Moves
#7 - Carmelo Anthony entertains while he teaches in
Stop Snitching!
#6 - Jim Boeheim as Jim Boeheim in He Got Game
#5 - The sleepy village of Syracuse is shocked to find snowfall in Snow Day

Remember what I said in the #8 GSRMIMH rundown, that we may just see Syracuse son Tom Cruise again? Well now we shall. Perhaps coincidence that he's on this list twice and from the area, perhaps not. The #4 GSRMIMH takes place in the film
Born on the Fourth of July. You know it as "that one where Tom Cruise sat in a wheelchair so he could get a shiny, gold thing." But perhaps you're unaware that he had to go through Syracuse University to get it.

Isn't it amazing how quickly trailers age? That's from 1989 and it might as well be from 1973. Nothing ages terribly quite like movie trailers, sports-related TV graphics and Chris Berman.

Around the 1:41 mark you'll see Syracuse come into play. It's really nothing special. Just a couple students on the quad. Hanging out. Chillin'. Oh, and protesting the Vietnam war while cops beat on them like pinatas. God damn hippies, serves them right.

Now while the protest did happen in real life, it's something of a "symbolical portrayal" of the times. The protest
didn't actually get as violent as it's portrayed, and it's possible Tom Cruise's character wasn't even there. But hey, this is Hollywood baby. We can turn Pearl Harbor into an action movie and we're only six years away from Michael Bay's September 11th starring Lindsey Lohan and Zac Ephron. Changing the events of a measly protest in the 70's is kid's stuff.

Be back for the #3 GSRMIMHimmy tomorrow!