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Greatest Syracuse-Related Moments In Movie History - Honorable Mention

Before we get to the big reveal (which really shouldn't be much of a reveal anyway), it's only fair that we take a little time to give some facetime to the movies that "also received votes" in the rundown for the Greatest Syracuse-Related Moment in Movie History.

Let's not go any further before we mention
Blowin' Smoke a.k.a. Freak Talks About Sex, lest I want the Earth to cease spinning on it's axis... Don't believe me? Just peep the comments I've been getting.

Have you seen Freak Talks About Sex? Steve Zahn. The entire film takes place in Syracuse. It's not awful... - CK Dexter Haven
("It's not awful" should have been the tagline)

If "Freak Talks About Sex" is not on this list, I am going to be pissed" -The Axeman

Freak talks about Sex was a solid flick, half the movie takes place in Carousel, a quarter in Lookers and the rest in an old car or a dirty basement, just like my high school years. - Sam Handwich

I was an extra in Freak Talks About Sex. I'm actually all over that movie. Did some double work for Steve Zahn, and the beauty of low budget productions is they need to recycle people. I was a store clerk, shopper, dude at the pool party, the back of Steve's head. Good times. - OttointheGrotto

Look for OitG in the trailer for the film:

Up next, how bout the coming of age Danny DeVito movie
Jack The Bear? Why, you ask? I'll let SonOfBillBrasky explain:

"There's a Danny Devito movie.. "Jack the Bear". The family came from Cuse and there are some flashbacks that include Cuse streets etc. should be on the list before anything with Tom Cruise in it."

Fair enough. The final movie to receive consideration from the readers was a 2007 film called
And Then Came Love.

"It starred Vanessa Williams and was filmed at the SU Lubin House in NYC. The writer/producer of the movie is also a SU grad and several other who worked on the film including myself." - Dave D

I'd also like to throw out Enemy of the State, the plot of which was thrust into motion by the murder of a Syracuse politician (as always seems to be the case). And we have to mention Slap Shot for the appearance of the fictional Syracuse Bulldogs. It was almost worthy of making the list but actual Syracuse sporting teams got precedent.

Stop by later as the #1 GSRMIMH will be announced!