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Greatest Syracuse-Related Moments In Movie History - #2

As always, we recap:

#10 - Veronica Corningstone's deleted scene from
#9 - Larry Csonka's "Branagh-esque" performance in
#8 - Syracuse's interest in recruiting Tom Cruise in
All The Right Moves
#7 - Carmelo Anthony entertains while he teaches in
Stop Snitching!
#6 - Jim Boeheim as Jim Boeheim in He Got Game
#5 - The sleepy village of Syracuse is shocked to find snowfall in
Snow Day

#4 - Some Syracuse cops use hippie-justice in Born on the Fourth of July
#3 - Jim Boeheim discovers his greatest character...Jim Boeheim in
Blue Chips

I'm not above putting an Adam Sandler movie on this list, although the earlier in his career the better.
Big Daddy was in Sandler's transitional phase from his absurd goofball antics" phase into his "slightly absurd goofball antics but bigger budgets and more product placement" phase. If you're making a list of the Top 5 Adam Sandler comedies, it might not make the cut any more, but for Syracuse folk it's #1 in their hearts (well, #2 it seems...)

To recap, Sandler and his buddies all graduated Syracuse Law together, his girlfriend is from Syracuse and Sandler spends about 75% of the entire movie in one of his various Syracuse T-shirts.

Of course, some liberties are taken. Two of Sandler's friends from SU are also gay lovers, which is impossible. Everyone knows Syracuse didn't start admitting gays until 2003.*

*Possibly untrue

I figured I'd find out that the writer of the film was from Cuse but it's surprising to find that he's actually
born and raised in LA. With so many Cuse and Upstate New York references, surely someone involved must have been there, right? Nope. Not the other writer, not Sandler and not the director. So how in the world did Syracuse end up with such an extensive spotlight in the film? (If you know, pass along)

And so, that leaves us with the #1 GSRMINHimmy. But before we get to that, we'll also run down a list of films that receive Honorable Mention. At least this way, you can all stop bothering me about when this
Freak Talks About Sex flick is gonna show up.