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Greatest Syracuse-Related Moments In Movie History - #3

Let's recap...

#10 - Veronica Corningstone's deleted scene from Anchorman
#9 - Larry Csonka's "Branagh-esque" performance in SnakeEater
#8 - Syracuse's interest in recruiting Tom Cruise in
All The Right Moves
#7 - Carmelo Anthony entertains while he teaches in
Stop Snitching!
#6 - Jim Boeheim as Jim Boeheim in He Got Game
#5 - The sleepy village of Syracuse is shocked to find snowfall in Snow Day
#4 - Some Syracuse cops use hippie-justice in Born on the Fourth of July

And now on to the #3 GSRMIMH. Just as last time we revisited someone who had been on the list previously (Tom Cruise), let's revisit another member of the Syracuse thespian community, Jim Boeheim. His performance in He Got Game is the stuff of legends. But how do you think he got so good at the character? This wasn't just something Jimmy picked up overnight. This was a carefully-crafted character that was based on years of nuanced work. And it all started with Jim Boeheim's first foray into the character of Jim Boeheim in...Blue Chips.

Such an awesomely ridiculously awesome movie, Blue Chips just gets better as the years go on.

Nick Nolte doing Nick Nolte things like never before (at least until The Hulk). Penny Hardaway, back when that was noteworthy, as a guy named Butch. That Western U played in a stadium known as "The Dolphin Dome." The fact that they worked Bob Cousy's free throw prowess into the script. The ultimate "That Guy" actor J.T. Walsh as the scheming booster. A svelte Ed O'Neill as the gritty sportswriter. Matt Nover? MATT NOVER???

Boeheim appears as part of, what else, a recruiting scene. He's accompanied by Jerry Tarkanian if I remember correctly (the scene is MIA online). It might not have been as flashy as his later motion picture appearance but it was the start of something big. You could feel it. You could taste it. Okay, you were probably better off not feeling and/or tasting it and I hope you actually didn't, but I think metaphorically you know what I mean.

See you back here tomorrow for the #2